Integrated Motion

Create, Connect, Compete.

Create a solution tailored to your size, speed and strength.
Connect with intuitive controls and robust communications.
Compete with modern and innovative products delivered when you need them.

Integrated Captive Screw Actuators
  • Combining actuator, motor and drive for integrated linear motion
  • Choose from various screw leads, stroke lengths, and communication interfaces
  • Ideal for syringe drives, dispensing pumps, fine adjustments and valves
Integrated Stepper Motors
  • Integrated rotational motion solution combining a stepper motor and an intelligent driver
  • Compact solution, with improved performance and communication (Digital, RS-232 or CAN2.0B)
  • Chosen where size is valuable, 3D printers, automation, and robotics
Intelligent Drives
  • Advanced drive module for motion control of stepper motors
  • Real time events, current reduction and programmable controls for Nema 17/23/34/ and 42
  • Turns stepper motors into integrated solutions with optional encoder feedback