The 24102P-M-S-34S is a single stack stepper motor + 241 intelligent controller with a RS-232 interface that can be commanded using ASCII coded instructions.


RS-232; 8A; 2 Sensor

Motor Driving Characteristics

  • Wide supply voltage range 12 ~ 40VDC
  • Output current 4A, instruction adjustable
  • Full to 1/16th micro-step resolution
  • Dual full H-bridge with PWM constant current control
RS232 Interface

  • RS232 three-wire serial communication
  • Max baud rate 57600 bps

Embedded DSP Microprocessor

  • Based on a 64bit DSP
  • Quadrature encoder based closed-loop control
  • Linear and non-linear acceleration and deceleration, S-curve, PT/PVT displacement control
  • Power-failure position protection
  • 2 sensor input ports, 1 analog input (12Bits)
  • 8 programmable real-time event-based change notifications
  • 9 programmable actions triggered by 6 sensor events

The 241’s architecture includes a communication system, a basic motion control system, an optional Quadrature encoder interface and a real-time event-based change notification system.

The embedded 64-bit DSP controller guarantees the real-time processing of the motion control and change notifications. The entire control operates within 1 millisecond.

This motor comes with a screw down terminal block for power connection, and a 9 pin Molex connector.

Speed-Torque Curve

Drive POwer and i/o connections