Integrated Captive Screw Actuator

Easy to use, compact and robust linear solutions available over a variety of communication protocols.

Step/Direction; 2A; 3 Sensor + TTL

Starting with a robust captive screw stepper actuator and integrating a compact stepper drive, our Integrated Captive Screw Actuators offer linear motion solutions in a compact, customizable and affordable package. Our drivers utilize mixed-decay current control to reduce back-EMF and improve performance at high speeds while the automatic current reduction feature saves energy and reduces heat accumulation.

Our 240 step & direction drives offer an integrated drop in replacement for traditional 2-3 piece systems; PLCs with function generators or step and direction outputs can be connected directly to the motor. The drives are compatible with a variety of standard Mach 3 hardware making them ideal for design projects like small scale CNC machines and 3D printers.