Integrated Captive Screw Actuator

Easy to use, compact and robust linear solutions available over a variety of communication protocols.

RS-232; 2A; 2 Sensor

Starting with a robust captive screw stepper actuator and integrating a compact stepper drive, our Integrated Captive Screw Actuators offer linear motion solutions in a compact, customizable and affordable package. Our drivers utilize mixed-decay current control to reduce back-EMF and improve performance at high speeds while the automatic current reduction feature saves energy and reduces heat accumulation.

The 241 drive offers users control via RS232 protocol; instructions are simple, intuitive and fault tolerating. Embedded 64-bit DSP controller guarantees real-time processing of motion control and change notifications; the entire control process is finished within 1 millisecond. The 241 drive has a maximum baud rate of 57600 bps.