Integrated Captive Screw Actuator

Easy to use, compact and robust linear solutions available over a variety of communication protocols.

Analog V Control; 2A; 2 Sensor

Starting with a robust captive screw stepper actuator and integrating a compact stepper drive, our Integrated Captive Screw Actuators offer linear motion solutions in a compact, customizable and affordable package. Our drivers utilize mixed-decay current control to reduce back-EMF and improve performance at high speeds while the automatic current reduction feature saves energy and reduces heat accumulation.

Our analog drive allows for voltage controlled motor speed via the on-board trimmer, external potentiometer or other external voltage modulator. Run/stop, direction, high/low speed range, and enable/disable functions are all controlled by shorting the corresponding drive terminal to the ground. This allows units with 243 analog drives to be used without traditional controllers.