Hi-Force Integrated Stepper Actuator

Easy to use, compact and robust linear solutions over a variety of communication protocols.

CAN 2.0B; 2A; 3 Sensor + TTL


  • Strokes from 12.7mm to 50.8mm (0.5” – 2.0″)
  • Multiple screw leads available to fit your force/speed requirements; 0.61mm through 4.88mm (0.024″ – 0.192″)
  • 1 to 1/16th micro stepping
  • Available interfaces include step and direction, RS 232, CAN2.0b, and analog.
  • Energy consumption and heat generation reduction when compared with traditional stepper drives
  • Ideal for syringe drives and dispensing pumps, fine adjustments, valves and hot runners.
  • Customizations available upon request

Starting with a robust captive screw stepper actuator and integrating a compact stepper drive, our Integrated Captive Screw Actuators offer linear motion solutions in a compact, customizable and affordable package. The CSR-17 offers twice the load capacity when compared to the CS-17 as well as a more robust guide system. A difference in form factor also allows the CSR-17 to begin it’s stroke much closer to the front mounting flange. Our drivers utilize mixed-decay current control to reduce back-EMF and improve performance at high speeds while the automatic current reduction feature saves energy and reduces heat accumulation.

The CAN 2.0b motion controller interface allows for standalone operation or networking up to 100 units through ASCII coded instructions. User instructions are simple and intuitive and do not require prior knowledge of stepper motion control or CAN networks. Drives are affixed directly onto the back of the actuator and feature die cast aluminum construction.