Flexibility in Motion Design

Integrated Linear and Rotary Motion Systems

In places where space is at a premium, or in designs requiring less complexity, integrated motion modules like the CS-17 are the right choice. Used in aperture control, as a lane diverter, or as a positioning system for strokes under 2 inches, an integrated solution reduces the size of your mechanical assembly and your electrical box, while simplifying your control electronics.

Integrated Captive Screw Actuators

The integrated captive screw actuator is a combination of a UIM intelligent drive, a stepper motor, and a rod style lead screw linear actuator. The components are all combined into one unit resulting in a space efficient linear system that is ideal for short stroke, space constrained machine designs.

The CS-17 is designed around a stepper motor with a lead screw passing through the middle. The lead screw nut is part of the rotor assembly, spinning in the center of the motor. A guide on the front of the motor keeps the screw from spinning, and as the motor rotates, the screw is pushed through the motor creating linear motion.

Multiple lead screw options are available, making the CS-17 suitable for high speed moves needed in transport systems, or for extremely small moves needed in visual inspection or liquid dispensing systems.

Larger motors and different screw configurations beyond those shown are available from integratedactuators.com.

Integrated Stepper Motors

Integrated stepper motors in sizes NEMA 11, NEMA 17, NEMA 23 and NEMA 34 are available with any of the 240 series intelligent drives. Single, double, and triple stack lengths are matched to the corresponding 2A, 4A, or 8A drive and are delivered ready to run.

Quadrature encoders providing full position feedback are available options on the NEMA 17 and NEMA 23 sizes. The NEMA 11 integrated motor comes standard with a magnetic encoder.

Dual shafted motors and other mechanical modifications are available. Please contact us directly if you have a requirement and you don’t see an immediate solution.

Intelligent Stepper Drives

The UIM drive on the back of the CS-17 comes with a variety of interface options, allowing the system to be easily integrated into a variety of existing or new designs. Step and Direction, or Analog Input are well suited to retrofits or low cost PLC controlled machines. RS-232 provides a convenient interface for PCs or touch Panel based HMIs. CAN2.0B offers large axis count networking over an established, industry standard, hardware layer suitable for embedded controls or PC controls.

The CHAT option above, an email to info@integratedactuators.com, or phone call to 1-877-696-7828 (EST 9am-5pm) are all immediate ways to access advice and options.

Cables and Accessories

Interface adaptors and power supplies are the two main items required to network, communicate to, and power our integrated motion modules. Serial-CAN (2501), USB-CAN (USB, and USB-Serial interfaces handle communications between the motors and a HMI, PC, or embedded controller.

The PSR 24VDC 60W, 120W, and 240W power supplies have been well tested for use with motor systems. These come with DIN rail mounts for convenient mounting, and terminal screws on both incoming and out-going power.

The 240 Series intelligent stepper drives use terminal blocks and/or Molex connectors for wiring connections. This makes cabling straight forward and inexpensive, putting the choice to purchase or make your own in your hands. We offer ready made to order cable solutions should you require them for prototyping or for full scale production.