Intelligent Drives

The UIM241’s architecture includes a communication system, a basic motion control system, a quadrature encoder interface and a real-time event-based change notification system. An Advanced Motion Control Module (linear/non-linear acceleration/deceleration and S-curve PT/PVT displacement control) and a Sensor Input Control Module are standard. An Encoder-based Closed-loop Control Module is an option available upon request.

An embedded 64-bit calculating precision DSP controller guarantees the real-time processing of motion control operations and change notifications within a 1ms major loop.

  • A 64bit DSP
  • Quadrature encoder based closed-loop control
  • Power-failure position protection
  • Linear and non-linear acceleration and deceleration with S-curves,
  • PT/PVT displacement control
  • 2 sensor input ports, 1 analog 12bit input
  • 8 programmable real-time event-based change notifications
  • 9 programmable actions triggered by 6 sensor events
  • Simple, intuitive and fault-tolerating instruction set

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Drive Amperage


Position Feedback

Starting Price
24002P Step/Direction 2 N/A Open Loop $100.00
24004P Step/Direction 4 N/A Open Loop $113.00
24008P Step/Direction 8 N/A Open Loop $132.00
24202P-M-SP CAN 2.0B 2 3 Sensor + TTL Open Loop $154.00
24204P-M-SP CAN 2.0B 4 3 Sensor + TTL Open Loop $157.00
24208P-M-SP CAN 2.0B 8 3 Sensor + TTL Open Loop $168.00
24102P-M-S RS-232 2 2 Sensor Open Loop $135.00
24104P-M-S RS-232 4 2 Sensor Open Loop $139.40
24108P-M-S RS-232 8 2 Sensor Open Loop $153.33